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Keiki Campers having fun on the beach and posing for the camera at Aloha Beach Camp's Paradise Cove summer camp location in Malibu, California.

Day-by-Day Enrollment

Sign up for Summer Camp Day-by-Day ...No Sessions!

Kahuna and High Action campers pose for a picture in the ocean with their Aloha Beach Camp counselor. These campers signed up for camp with Aloha's popular day-by-day enrollment format, which allows families to choose individual days of camp here and there on an
Most camps make you comply with rigid prearranged session schedules when you sign up for camp.

Wouldn't you rather send your child to camp on a convenient day-by-day enrollment schedule you
create by yourself?

Well, great news...Now you can!

With Aloha Beach Camp's unique day-by-day enrollment format, you can pick a day here, a day
there, take a few weeks off, come back to camp again, take a family vacation or do anything else
that fits your family's busy schedule.

Why let the camp dictate when you can sign up for camp and when you can't? Why not send your
child to camp on a flexible daily schedule whenever you want?

There's no need to plan your summer around rigid camp sessions anymore. When you
sign up for
, just let us know which days you want to come, and as long as we've got space, you're in!

Flexible day-by-day enrollment at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp...How cool is that?
When you sign up for Aloha Beach
Camp, you can completely customize
your child's enrollment schedule. There
are no fixed sessions, so you can come
and go to camp whenever you want all

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