Aloha Beach Camp campers, staff and camp counselors standing on the beach and getting ready to learn to surf at Zuma Beach in Malibu.
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About Us

Welcome to Aloha Beach Camp!

We're glad you're here and hope you're looking forward to spending a great 2018 summer camp season with us.
Just give you a little background, Aloha Beach Camp is a Los Angeles day camp specializing in beach and aquatic
programs and activities for kids and teens ages 4 to 14.
Ocean safety, sports, and fun are the staples of our camp. For kids and teens
who love the beach -- and busy parents who'd rather send their kids to camp
on a convenient
day-by-day basis whenever they want, rather than conform
to a rigid prearranged session schedule set by the camp -- Aloha Beach Camp
is the only place to be!

Eric and Teri Naftulin founded the camp in 1999 to give kids and teens an
exciting alternative to traditional day camps and make the typically rigid
camp enrollment process easier for parents. Now you can
sign up for camp
day-by-day with no advance sessions to conform to. You tell us when you're
coming to camp,
not the other way around.

We offer Three Age-Appropriate Summer Programs
Under the Aloha Beach Camp Name

Here's a detailed look at our three programs so you can choose the right one for you.

1. Keiki Camp (For younger children ages 4 to 7)

Exclusively for our youngest campers, our Keiki Camp is designed to meet the unique needs of younger children,
many of whom are experiencing the beach and ocean for the first time. Visit our
Keiki Camp web page and daily
activity schedule to see all the cool stuff your child will do at camp.

2. Kahuna Camp (For kids and "tweens" ages 8 to 11)

Our Kahuna program is for kids and "tweens" ages 8 to 11 who are ready
for more advanced beach camp activities than what Keiki Camp provides,
but aren't quite ready for our High Action Camp program (see below).
Kahuna Camp takes place at Zuma Beach, Paradise Cove, Santa Monica
Beach, and Castaic Lake on a rotating basis. For more information, check
out the
Kahuna Camp web page and 2018 daily activity schedule.

3. High Action Camp (For kids and teens 12 to 15)

Designed exclusively for older campers, Aloha Beach Camp's High Action
Camp is the hottest thing going for older kids and teenage campers who
love the beach and who've outgrown the typical day camp scene. Get more
information about this program
here, or view the High Action activity
schedule to see what you'll do at camp.

Just a Few More things We Think You Should Know

Day-by-Day Enrollment

One of the most popular aspects about our camp is that we don't operate on a session schedule. That means you
sign up for camp day-by-day whenever you want on a customized schedule you create by yourself. You can
learn more about our flexible day-by-day enrollment feature

Free Transportation

Whether you sign up for the Keiki, Kahuna, or High Action programs,  
you'll get free, convenient and reliable
transportation on buses and
vans with seat belts. You never pay more for transportation -- this
service is available to all enrolled families as a benefit of enrollment so
you'll never have to worry about driving your child to the beach yourself.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your whole family will love Aloha Beach Camp, but we
offer a risk-free,
100% money-back guarantee just in case. If you're not
completely satisfied, we'll give you a full, no-questions-asked,
on-the-spot refund whenever you decide.

No Prior Ocean Experience Necessary

Many kids who attend our program have limited beach and ocean experience. Don't worry! :) Aloha Beach Camp is
structured to accommodate campers from every aquatic background, so you can look forward to a safe and fun
summer camp experience no matter what. Our
FAQ's describe more.

Summer Camp Open House Sunday, March 18 at Zuma Beach, Malibu

Join us Sunday, March 18, for our first open house of the 2018 summer camp season. The March 18 Open House
will take place right on Zuma Beach in Malibu at Lifeguard Tower 6 where camp takes place during the summer.
Our counselors and staff will be there...and hopefully you will, too, because we're looking forward to meeting you
and the open houses will be lots of fun and a great way to learn about what we've got planned for the 2017 camp

Save Money With Early Bird Prices

Did you know you could save up to $10 per day or more this
summer with Aloha Beach Camp's various discounts and
promotions including our Early Bird Discount price? Visit our
prices and discounts page for the discounts you can get this

How to Reach Us

If you have any questions or want to reach us, we are looking
forward to speaking with you! Feel free to
contact us any time.
You can also visit our
FAQ's and get a free brochure.

How to Sign Up

You can sign up for camp right here.

See You This Summer!

We hope this information has been helpful in describing Aloha Beach Camp's Los Angeles summer camp and surf
camps for children, kids and teens, and we hope to see you at camp in summer 2018. Aloha!
Copyright 2018 Aloha Beach Camp. All rights reserved.
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Go tubing with Aloha Beach Camp this summer at
Castaic Lake! Tubing activities take place every
Wednesday for the High Action Camp and the Kahuna
Camp. Keiki Campers will go tubing at least once by
the end of the summer.
Campers and counselors playing on the beach at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp
If you like making new friends, you'll love Aloha
Beach Camp! Every day when you come to
camp, you'll have tons of fun hanging out with
lots other kids your age. And you'll love our cool
camp counselors too!
Campers learn to surf every day we're at the beach. Our
certified instructors make learning to surf easy, safe and fun!