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Kahuna Camp - Aloha Beach Camp

For Kids and "Tweens" Ages 8 to 11

What happens when kids and tweens ages 8 to 11 outgrow typical
day camps but still need safe and fun summer camp experiences
they'll never forget?

They come to Aloha Beach Camp's Kahuna Summer Camp in Los

Kahuna Camp offers the most comprehensive aquatic day camp
experience ever.

It's loaded with wet, wild, safe, fun, and instructional beach
activities like these:
  • Surfing
  • Jet skiing
  • Boogie boarding
  • Tubing
  • Beach games
  • And tons of other fun stuff, too!

New to These Activities? No Problem!

Here's a sample daily schedule of the activities you'll do at Kahuna Camp this year. While this summer's schedule
won't be ready till January, you can expect to do all the activities you see here plus 50 new ones. It's crazy fun!
Zuma Beach

Boogie Boarding
Beach Volleyball
Capture the Flag
Kite Making & Flying
Hurricane Popcorn
Hurricane Harbor
Water Park
Castaic Lake

Motor Boating
Jet Skiing
Inner Tubing
BBQ Cookout
Oxnard Beach State Park

BBQ Cookout
Ocean Swimming
Boogie Boarding
Paint the Counselors
Dolphin Pinatas
Sunscreen Soda
Zuma Beach

Boogie Boarding
Candy Lei Making
Cosmic Water Slide
Beach Hike
Taco Truck
We know what you're thinking. What if you've never been surfing before? What if you've never been boogie
boarding? No problem!

Many other Aloha kids are new to these
camp activities, too. But here's what's cool: Everything we do is really
safe, easy, and fun, and our
counselors will be with you every step of the way showing you how to surf, boogie
board, and everything else :) You'll be riding the waves all the way from the ocean to the shore in no time!
And here's other thing you'll be happy to know. All the activities are
elective-based. That means you get to pick, choose and decide what activities
you do, how often you do them, and whether you even to do them at all. You
never have to do anything you're uninterested in.

But whatever you DO try will always be taught by patient and experienced
counselors whose number one job is to make sure you're enjoying yourself,
making lots of new friends, and loving camp overall.

Now if this all sounds fun to you, give Kahuna Camp a try! If you can't say it's
the most fun you've ever had at camp, we'll give you all your
money back, no
questions asked. But there's just one catch you need to be aware of.

Kahuna Camp sells out fast!  We only have limited space for a limited number
of kids, and last summer's waiting list was 12 kids per day. So if you'd like to
join us this year,
sign up for camp as soon as possible so you don't miss out
because when the last spot is gone, it's gone for good! :(

Flexible Day-by-Day, A-la-Carte Enrollment

If you've sent your child to other camps before (and even if
you haven't), you're probably familiar with "session"
enrollment where the camp wants you to fit neatly into
their predetermined registration dates. No thanks! Here at
Aloha, we realize you have your own schedule to keep.
That why we invented "
day by day enrollment" where you
can create your own camp schedule in any manner that
works best for your family. Choose your own days, weeks,
or months to mix and a match an enrollment schedule
according to your own preference, not ours!

Free Transportation Included

When you sign up for camp, included in your tuition is free
transportation at various meeting points throughout L.A. There's a
special section on your camp
Enrollment Form to pick any bus stop
you prefer, and typically, you won't need to drive more than 5 or 10
minutes from your home or office to meet the Aloha bus because
we've got bus stops everywhere. There will definitely be a convenient
meeting point near you! :)
Close up photo of a 11 year old Kahuna Camper boy tubing with his camp counselor at Aloha Beach Camp's Castaic Lake activity location. The guys are tubing together on a purple tube, smiling and waving for the camera as the lake water splashes around them and they glide on their tube across the lake.
(818) 932-4600
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Learn to surf at Kahuna Camp! Surfing is offered every day we
visit Zuma Beach including every Monday, Tuesday, and most
Thursdays and Fridays
11 year old Kahuna Camper girl learning surf on a blue surfboard in the ocean as her camp counselor/surf instructor is smiling widely while holding the back of the surfboard to offer support, guidance and instruction while the camper rides the surfboard all the way from the ocean to the shore.
We guarantee Aloha Beach Camp will be the
most fun you've ever had at camp or your
money back! :)
Young girl in a pink rashguard boogie boarding in the waves on a pink and yellow boogie board at Aloha Beach Camp's summer program at Zuma Beach.
Three teenage girls smiling and yelling with their mouths wide open sharing a blue innertube while being pulled by the speed boat and tubing across Castaic Lake at Aloha Beach Camp's Castaic Lake aquatic day camp program.
Cartoon graphic of a camp school bus filled with Aloha Beach Camp Kahuna Camp kids ready for a fun day of camp.

Join Us Sunday, March 18 at Zuma Beach, Malibu for our Next Open House

Hey, we've got a quick question for you. What are you doing Sunday, March 18
between 1:30 and 3:30 pm? If you don't have plans yet, we hope you'll join us
at Zuma Beach in Malibu, Lifeguard Tower 6 our first
Open House of the 2018
summer camp season. Stay the whole time or just drop by! You'll
meet our
camp counselors, staff, owners, directors, and many other current and
prospective Kahuna Camp families.
Clickable and colorful Open House summer camp graphic.

Save Money With Low Rates and Today's Money-Saving Coupon!

Hopefully by now you can see what an awesome time you'll have at Aloha Beach
Camp's Kahuna summer camp in Los Angeles this year. Camp's filling up fast,
but we still have limited space available on various dates and select age groups
as well as special offers designed to make Aloha more affordable than ever.
Check out our
prices and discounts page for details. We look forward to seeing
you at summer camp!
A camper and counselor jet skiing together on a red jet ski with the word
Have you always wanted to go jet skiing?
Now you can! Sign up for Aloha Beach
Camp's Kahuna Camp and go jet skiing all
summer long!
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