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Girl Kahuna Camper and other summer camp kids swimming in the pool at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp, Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Camp

Aloha Beach Camp FAQ

Before you sign up for camp, we realize you may have questions. We've done our best to answer them here, but please don't hesitate
contact us for additional information any time.

Program and Activity Questions

1. What is Aloha Beach Camp?

Aloha Beach Camp is an aquatic-themed summer day camp for kids, teens, and tweens in Los
Angeles, California. The camp is comprised of three age-appropriate programs under the Aloha
Beach Camp name:
Keiki Camp is exclusively for younger campers ages 4 through 7
Kahuna Camp is for campers 8 to 11
High Action Camp is for older kids 12 to 15 years old
All three programs offer safe and exciting aquatic camp activities, convenient day-by-day enrollment,
transportation to and from camp, top-notch staff and equipment, low camper-to-counselor
100% safety records, and no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantees.

2. If Keiki Camp's for younger kids, what's the difference between the Kahuna and High Action Camps?

Kahuna Camp and High Action Camp are mostly the same with respect to activities and
campsite locations. One main difference is the Kahuna Camp visits
Paradise Cove on a
routine basis, whereas the High Action Camp generally does not. In addition, the pace of
the Kahuna Camp is somewhat slower than the High Action Camp for a more
age-appropriate camp experience.

3. Why Doesn't the High Action Camp Go to Paradise Cove?

In previous years the High Action kids visited not just Paradise Cove on a routine basis,
but many other beaches from Oxnard to the South Bay. This summer we've decided to
stick with Zuma, Castaic Lake, and Oxnard/Ventura predominantly because the older kids
seem to like those more, however, from time-to-time High Action kids may still visit
Paradise Cove as well as other beaches, who knows?!

4. What are the Camp Activities?

When you sign up for Aloha Beach Camp, you'll enjoy more than 200 safe and fun beach
camp activities ranging from surfing to sand-castle-building to boogie boarding and
more. Here's a look at this summer's
Keiki Camp, Kahuna Camp and High Action Camp
daily activity schedules.

5. What are the 2017 Summer Camp Dates?

The first day of camp is Monday, June 12. The last day is Friday, August 18. Camp will be
closed Tuesday, July 4.

6. What Time Does Camp Start and End?

Assuming your camper takes the bus to and from camp each day, morning pick-up is
generally between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, and afternoon drop-off between 4:00 AM and
5:00 PM. If you are dropping off and/or picking up your child at camp, we suggest
arriving at 9:45 AM for morning drop-off and 2:35 PM for afternoon pickup.

Transportation Questions

7. How Will We Get to Camp?

Daily transportation, on safety-equipped, fully insured buses and vans is available from your
area. To ensure short rides and reliable schedules, we have arranged convenient meeting
points. Morning pick-up is between 8:00 - 9:00 AM, and afternoon drop-off is between 4:00
and 5:00 PM. A link to the transportation sign up form (which includes a detailed pick up and
drop off schedule with specific meeting times) will be available in this space soon.

8. Who Drives the Buses?

Driving duties are typically handled by professional school bus drivers, and sometimes Aloha
Beach Camp counselors. Each vehicle usually has at least one additional
staff member on
board for added safety and supervision.

9. What are the pick-up and drop-off boundaries?

A detailed bus information chart will be posted soon with exact meeting point areas along
with pick-up and drop-off times. Meanwhile, below you will find a general list of bus stops.
(Please keep in mind new stops may be added, and exiting ones consolidated, depending on

The general transportation service area is bounded by:

  •    Porter Ranch/Granada Hills to the North;
  •    Wilshire Blvd. to the South;
  •    Studio City/Toluca Lake to the East; and
  •    Calabasas/Agoura to the West

We also have pick-up points at:
  •    3rd Street School in Hancock Park
  •    The Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood
  •    Palisades High School in the Pacific Palisades
  •    Bluffs Park in Malibu
  •    Cheviot Hills Park in West L.A.

10. How to We Choose Our Meeting Point? Where Do We Meet the Bus?

There is a designated section on your child's Enrollment Form for transportation. As you are
completing that section of your form, you will be able to choose your meeting point.

11. Do the Buses Have Seat Belts?

Yes. All Aloha Beach Camp vehicles are equipped with seat belts which are required to be
worn by every passenger at all times.

12. What if We Live Outside the Bus Service Area?

If you live outside our transportation boundries, please let us know because we still may be
able to accommodate you.

General Summer Camp Questions

13. Is Aloha Beach Camp Accredited?

Yes. Aloha Beach Camp is fully accredited by the American Camp Association. In fact, we are
the first and ONLY accredited beach camp in the Los Angeles area. If the summer camp
safety standards so be careful!

14. Are You Having Any Open Houses?

Yes. Our next open house for the 2017 summer camp season is Sunday, May 21 at Zuma
Beach, Malibu, Lifeguard Tower 6. We may have additional open houses later in the spring; if
so, we will post details here. Meanwhile, if the May 21 date doesn't work for you, you can
always host an Aloha Beach Camp open house event at your home or office. In this case,
we'll visit your location to discuss the Aloha Beach Camp program with your friends, family or
co-workers, and you'll get a nice discount and free camp merchandise for your time as the
host. There's no cost or obligation, and these are fun events for everyone so if you're
please let us know.

15. Where is the Camp Located?

There is no traditional campsite like you'll find at other camps. Instead, the beautiful southern
California coastline
is our campsite! Aloha Beach Camp's Keiki Camp program takes place at
Paradise Cove, Malibu with occasional field trips to Zuma Beach. The
High Action Camp takes
place at Zuma Beach on most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays with Wednesday field trips to
Castaic Lake and Thursday field trips to places like Channel Islands Harbor for ocean kayaking
Kahuna Camp does the same, except Kahuna campers also visit Paradise Cove and
other beaches as a regular part of their beach camp program. The
Keiki Camp activity
, Kahuna Camp activity schedule, and High Action Camp activity schedules indicate
where we'll be on which day. (From time-to-time we may add additional activities, change
locations, and incorporate special events which could change the preplanned schedule, but we
will always do our best to let you know beforehand.)
Kahuna boy camper with colorful body paint all over him smiling and posing for the camera at Zuma Beach.
Male and female camper enjoying a riding an innertube for Aloha Beach Camp tubing activity at Castaic Lake
Group of Aloha Beach Camp kids having a surfing lesson on the sand at Zuma Beach while standing on colorful surfboards.
Two campers kayaking at in the water at Aloha Beach Camp.
Campers and staff riding a green wakeboarding speedboad together at Castaic Lake.
Aloha Beach Camp summer camp bus cartoon graphic wih lots of kids and the driver inside, on their way to beach camp.
American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited Camp Logo. Aloha Beach Camp is an ACA accredited summer camp.
Aloha Beach Camp hand-drawn map of the southern California Coastline, including varioius lakes and beaches and showing all the various activities we do at summer camp like surfing, kite flying and more.

16. What is the Camp's Philosophy?

Kids who participate in our program enjoy a camp experience that rivals the most memorable
times of their lives. They develop lifelong water safety skills and master new aquatic sports like
surfing and boogie boarding. They study beach and ocean safety, wave judgment and
selection and how to swim safely in the ocean and more, always with an emphasis on beach
safety and environmental respect. When summer's over, Aloha kids come away with a new
sense of confidence, esteem, and appreciation for the beach and ocean environment so they
can enjoy these natural wonders safely all their lives.

17. Who are the Camp Counselors?

Aloha's camp staff is comprised of college students, teachers, and childcare professionals with
years of experience working with kids...and years of experience working at Aloha Beach
Camp. Most are returning for their 5th or 6th year working with us. Many have grown up
through our program starting as campers and working their way up the ranks to become
counselors and directors. Our staff is chosen for their ability to work with kids in a leadership
capacity plus serve as positive role models. Aloha camp counselors must pass a rigorous
3-phase interview process including at least two, person-to-person interviews, 3rd party
reference checks, and a criminal background check Their top priorities are protecting your
child's safety while making sure they have lots of fun at camp!

18. Is Prior Ocean Experience Required to Participate?

Absolutely not! Aloha Beach Camp's activities are instructional and presented at each child's
most comfortable pace. Some campers are experiencing the beach and ocean environment for
the first time while others are more experienced. Our program is designed to accommodate
kids from every aquatic background so everyone will be safe and have fun no matter what.

19. Is it Safe?

Not only is this a very important question, it's one we're asked quite often as you can imagine
Please know we are sensitive to your concerns and impose
strict safety guidelines at all times.
Our equipment is top-of-the-line, our
staff is experienced and well-trained, and our risk
management program virtually eliminates risk where it can be eliminated. You'll be pleased to
know any risks you can think of are generally more perceived than actual. One thing we hope
you won’t do is deny your child a fantastic beach camp experience at Aloha because you think
it might be less safe than traditional camps. Truth is, you'll be hard-pressed to find another
camp ANYWHERE where your child will be safer than they will with us...and our 16-year, 100
safety record proves it. In fact there's a motto we picked up from some old sailing buddies we
now use as our underlying philosophy: "If it's not safe, we're not gonna do it, and if it's not
fun, we're not gonna do it very long.” We welcome your
calls and emails to discuss safety in
further detail.

Enrollment and Tuition Questions

20. What is "Day-by-Day Enrollment?"

Day-by-day enrollment gives you complete flexibility in planning for camp. You can truly
customize your own camp schedule. You don’t have to conform to rigid camp sessions
because we don't even have any sessions. Instead you can send your child to camp a day
here, a day there ... whatever works best for your family. Feel free to take a family vacation
send your child to summer school, or even attend other camps. Day-by-day enrollment
means your other summer activities won't conflict with camp scheduling ever again. Just tell
us which days you want to come to camp (they can be any days you want), and as long as

21. How Much Does Aloha Beach Camp Cost?

22. Can we get a Discount?

The current price to attend camp is $115 per child per day. This is the Early Bird
Discount price which expires this Sunday night at midnight, then the price will increase to
$119 per day. The daily price includes all standard day camp
activities, supervision, program
equipment, and
transportation. Please visit our prices and discounts page for additional
details about Aloha Beach Camp's 2017 summer camp program and pricing information.
Yes. Right now you can also save an addition $25 when you sign up for at least 5 days of
camp or more this summer. You can also get free camp with our Free Camp Enrollment
Packages, and even
name your own price for summer camp with a Season Pass.

23. What's the "Name Your Own Price for Summer Camp" Option?

New for 2017, Aloha Beach Camp offers a Season Pass for kids and families who want to save
money, guarantee their space at camp, and make the most of the summer experience. With a
summer camp Season Pass, kids can attend camp every day all summer on an unlimited basis
with NO BLACKOUT DATES. Just show up at the bus each morning because we'll always have
room for you, then get ready for a day filled with adventure! The regular price for the Season
Pass is $5,800 which is already a nice discount from regular camp prices. But if you'd like to
pay even less, now you can
name your own price for camp!

24. What's the Enrollment Protection Plan?

For just $50, the Enrollment Protection Plan lets you make free unlimited changes to your
child's enrollment schedule all summer. You can trade a day here for a day there, switch one
week for another, etc. If you don't buy the Enrollment Protection Plan, every change you
make will cost $35. The Enrollment Protection Plan is a bargain because it pays for itself
immediately. If you'd like to take advantage of this Plan, check the appropriate box on your
child's enrollment form.

25. What if My Child Doesn't Like Camp?

We're pretty sure that won't happen, but we offer a 100% money back guarantee just in
case. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you all your money back, no questions
asked, and best of all we'll still be friends, no hard feelings at all. (Please note, your camper
must attend his or her first two scheduled days of camp to qualify for the money-back
guarantee. After the first two days, there will be no refunds.)

26. Is there a Registration Deadline?

There is no registration deadline per se, but we advise signing up sooner rather than later so
you can avoid the waiting list. Aloha Beach Camp is only a small camp with
limited space, and
when the last spot is gone, we will close enrollment for the year. (You can check our
availability page for current openings). The other reason it behooves you to sign up now is
because you might qualify for a discount the sooner you sign up, so if you're considering
Aloha for your child this summer, it's best not to wait.

27. How Much Space do you Have Left?

Aloha Beach Camp is getting full but we do have limited availability in select age groups.
Please view our
space availability page for details.

28. How do we Sign Up?

You can get more information about the camp registration process here, or sign up for camp
with our
online enrollment form.

29. We Have More Questions. What Should We Do?

Email or call us at (818) 932-4600. Please also visit our summer camp blog, Twitter, Facebook
Instagram social media sites where you can learn a lot more about our summer camp. We
are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at camp this summer!
Lifeguard and several Aloha Beach Camp kids standing in front of yellow lifeguard truck for a group photo together at Zuma Beach, Malibu.
Group shot of Aloha Beach Camp counselors on a boat together during Aloha's Farewell Cruise in Marina del Rey.
Female camper sitting on a bright orange innertube wearing a yellow lifevest and smiling while waiting for her turn to go tubing at Castaic Lake.
Camp counselor Shane McEvoy giving a surfing lesson in the ocean to a female camper in Malibu. Camper is wearing a green rash guard and riding a long red surfboard while Shane helps steer the board from behind.
Large group of Aloha Beach Camp kids posing for a group shot while smiling, holding boogie boards up in the air, waving their hands, wearing sunscreen, and doing lots of other stuff like making funny faces as they post for a photo at Zuma Beach, Malibu just before entering the ocean to go swiming.
Male camp cousnselor and two campers riding a jet ski at Castaic Lake together.
Graphic of a pencil with the word

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