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Summer Camp Open House

With camp starting so soon, all of our traditional Open House events are
done for the year.

We had Open Houses at Zuma Beach three occasions this spring on:

  • Sunday, March 19
  • Sunday, April 20 and
  • Sunday, May 21

But even if you missed all the dates, there's still many ways you can meet
our staff, learn about our program, and get an up close and personal view
of our program before your child starts camp this summer.

  • Host an Open House at your house
  • Arrange arrange a private beach tour for you, your family and friends
  • Visit us when camp's in session (starting June 12)

Host Your Own "In-Home" Aloha Beach Camp Open House

You can host an Aloha Beach Camp Open House at YOUR house! (Think of this like the Mary Kay or Tupperware party plan concept
and you're on the right track.)  Invite your family, friends and coworkers for lots of fun, games, and a great new way to learn about
camp and meet us in person. We'll come to your location to explain the camp program and answer all your questions. Even better,
you'll have the chance to win free gifts and prizes - including FREE camp! - for your time as the host. We'll even bring refreshments
for your crew! The whole event takes less than an hour, but dates book up fast so let us know if you're interested and we'll be happy
to set up a date and time with you, just let us know.

Private Beach Tours

We can arrange private beach tours for you and your friends whenever you want. Just Let us know if you're interested, and we'll meet
you at the beach, right where camp takes place, any time it's convenient for you.

Observe the Program When Camp's In Session

If your child doesn't start camp till later this summer, please feel free to visit us at camp on an earlier date when our program's in
session so you get a first-hand view of the real thing in action! (We open for the season Monday, June 12.)

How to Arrange Any of the Options Above

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Aloha Beach Camp couselors mingling and talking to prospective campers, customers and families at our most recent open house.
More info? Call now! (818) 932-4600
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Open House location Map, Zuma Beach

Aloha Beach Camp open house festivities. Campers, counselors and parents standing around a table discussing the Aloha Beach Camp summer program.

Please contact us to arrange any of the options above, as they are
fantastic alternatives to the more traditional
Open House events we
have every spring!
Kahuna camper paddling on his surf board about to catch a wave at Aloha Beach Camp's Zuma Beach Open House
Camp Director Claire Hay with three Aloha Beach Camp kids giving the