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Summer Camp Safety

The ocean can be safe, fun and a great source of recreation. But it demands respect, too. We have a 100% safety record and intend to keep it that way, so rest assured we go overboard to protect your child's safety. Here's how.

1. Aloha Beach Camp is 100% Accredited by the American Camp Association

This means we meet or exceed up to 300 best-practice industry standards relative
camp programming, transportation, safety, supervision and more. If the camp
you're considering is not
accredited, ask the camp director why.
American Camp Association Accredited Camp Logo.

2. We Require our Camp Counselors to be Certified Lifeguards

All staff is required to hold active and valid lifeguard, CPR
and First Aid certifications as a fundamental condition of

While some
staff members come to us already certified,
each undergoes Aloha Beach Camp's lifeguard, CPR and First
Aid training and certification programs anyway. In this
manner, we can put our stamp of approval on the fact your
camper will be supervised by the highest trained and most
qualified camp counselors in the business.
Female camp counselor and young female camper standing on the beach holding live starfish they found at the Paradise Cove tidepools.
Lifeguard safety tube

3. We Conduct Sun and Ocean Safety Assemblies with All the Kids, Everyday

Your camper will learn about rip currents, dangerous shore break, high surf, the risks of diving into shallow water
and other potentially hazardous beach and ocean conditions. Sunscreen is applied liberally throughout the day,
plus we provide large tents and canopies for maximum shade and comfort.
Camp directors, counselors and kids gathered together for a morning safety and assembly meeting on the beach at Aloha Beach Camp. About 40 campers are sitting on the beach while the staff stands and reviews the safety rules for the camp day.
Every morning our staff leads a sun and ocean safety assembly where new campers are
introduced and safety guidelines covered. Aloha Beach Camp has a 100% all-time safety
record and we intend to keep it that way!
Bottle of Neutrogena Beach Defense sunscreen.

4. Ice water is available all day for campers and staff

Dehydration can be a problem if you don't stay on top of it. That's why we make ice water available for the kids all
day and remind them to drink it...even if they're not thirsty!

5. We Establish our Daily Campsite Area with Bright Orange Cones Directly Adjacent to a Staffed Lifeguard Tower

Campers may not leave this coned-off boundary without a counselor. The cones also send a "KEEP OUT" message
to strangers. If the lifeguard tower is not staffed by a public lifeguard, campers are not permitted in the water.
Aloha Beach Camp takes place at various locations. But no matter where camp sets up any given day,
it will always happen in front of an open (staffed) lifeguard tower for maximum safety. Not only that,
all Aloha Beach Camp counselors are lifeguards, too! :)

6. We Maintain Low Camper-to-Counselor Ratios at All Times

You'll find camper-to-staff ratios as low as 3:1 (and often less) when kids are in the water.

7. Headcounts are Taken Regularly Throughout the Day on the Bus, in the Water, and on the Sand

This ensures every camper is accounted for every second of
every day at all times.

8. The Counselors Swim Together with the Kids; Campers NEVER Swim Alone

Swimming in the ocean is a HUGE part of every Aloha Beach
Camp experience. Campers always swim with the counselors
and never swim alone. All campers are always within arms
reach of their camp counselors at all times.
Female camp counselor helping young girl learn to boogie board in the ocean at camp.

9. We Enforce these Additional Mandatory Safety Rules:

  • Every camper takes a swimming evaluation their first
    day of camp. Based on this evaluation, campers wear
    color-coded wristbands designating how deep they can
    go in the water. No one may go deeper than their waist

  • Everyone wears an Aloha Beach Camp t-shirt or rash
    guard everyday indicating they're membership of our
    particular camp group on the beach.

  • Nobody may enter the water without someone from our

  • Nobody may visit the restroom without staff supervision

  • We maintain an open door policy regarding visitation>
    Parents are invited to camp, unannounced, to supervise
    our safety program any time
Two female campers standing together in the ocean and smiling. One is wearing a bathing suit, the other a pink and black Aloha Beach Camp rash guard.
Campers wear Aloha Beach Camp rash
with our group. Every child gets a free
rash guard his or her first day of camp.
Orange wristband wrapped around child's wrist with
Campers wear color-coded
rash guards to designate
themselves as part of our
group and identifying the
depth the can swim in the
water. No child may go
deeper than their waist
with feet firmly touching
the ocean floor.

FREE! Aloha Beach Camp's Top 10 Beach and Ocean Safety Tips for Kids
(And Their Families!)

If your child will be spending time at the beach this summer, we hope it will be
with us. But there's also nothing better than going to the beach with your family,
so we invite you to download a free copy of our Top 10 Beach and Ocean Safety
Tips so your whole family stays safe at the beach this summer.

Protecting your child's safety is our first priority at Aloha Beach Camp.
Remember, parents are welcome anytime to visit us at camp. We hope to see
you this summer!
Download Top 10 Beach and Ocean Safety Tips in a PDF document
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Image of Aloha Beach Camp's 2018 Top 10 Ocean Safety Tips for Kids and Their Families.
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Camp counselor Frances Nelson and four female campers making a human chain by all holding hands as they enter the ocean together. There's safety in numbers!
Beach camp safety logo for Aloha Beach Camp's 2019 summer camp activity program in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles County Lifeguard truck surrounded by orange cones on the beach at Lifeguard Tower 7 on Zuma Beach.
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