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Aloha Beach Camp prices are set by the day

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When you sign up for camp, you can pick a day here, a day there, and come to camp whenever it's most
convenient for you. There's no need to conform to rigid prearranged enrollment sessions. Instead, you can come to
camp on a convenient
day-by-day enrollment basis whenever you want, paying only for the days you actually
choose. Think of it like signing up for camp on an "a-la-carte" basis and you're on the right track.
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How much does Aloha Beach Camp cost?

The price to attend Aloha Beach Camp is $115 per camper per day for beach
and surfing days, and $120 per camper per day for lake, field trip, and activity
days. These are the Early Bird Discount rates. The Early Bird Discount expires
Saturday, June 15, 2019 after which date prices will increase by $3 per child per
day or more. Your payment is always backed by Aloha Beach Camp's
Happy Camper guarantee. Sign up now to save money!

When does the Early Bird Discount expire?

Aloha Beach Camp's Early Bird Discount expires Saturday, June 15 at
midnight. Be sure to
sign up early to get the best rate!
Early Bird Discount Expires Saturday, June 15. Sign up now to Save!
(Early Bird Rate Includes
FREE Transportation!)
Aloha Beach Camp's Early Bird Discount with prices
as low as $99 per day expires Saturday, June 15 at
midnight. Starting June 16, prices will increase by at
least $3 per day. Don't wait!
Sign up for camp today
to get the best rate!

What does the daily price include?

The daily price ranges from $115 per day for beach days to $120 per day
for lake and activity days. These prices includes all standard
day camp
activities, instruction, supervision, program equipment (including boats,
jet skis, boogie boards and surfboards), FREE daily
transportation and a
100% happy camper, no-questions asked,
money back guarantee.

Are there any other discounts available on top of the Early Bird Rate?

Yes! There are several additional discounts available to you on top of special Early Bird pricing as follows:

� Today's Coupon

If you're ready to sign up for camp today, you're in luck. This free coupon is
good for today only -- it expires at midnight tonight. Just enter the words
$25 INTERNET COUPON" into any available field on your child's
Enrollment Form when you sign up to save $25.

� Sibling Discounts

$25 discount coupon
Parents signing up two or more campers from their immediate family are
entitled to a sibling discount. The first sibling will receive a $3 discount per
day, while each subsequent will receive an additional $3 off on top of that.
To qualify for the sibling discount, you must enter the words "
" into any available field on your family's Enrollment Form.

� Group Discounts

Groups of five or more kids signing up together qualify for a group rate. The amount of the discount depends on
how many kids you have in your group and how many days each camper attends (more kids and longer enrollments
get bigger discounts). For additional group rate information,
email us with the words "Group Rate Info" in the
subject line. In your email, please provide some basic information such has how many kids are in your party and
how long they plan to attend camp. In turn, we will respond with a customized group rate proposal detailing how
everyone in your group can save money this summer.

We want to reserve our child's spot, but we don't know our summer plans yet. Can we register now without picking days and pick our actual schedule later?

No problem! The only thing we need to reserve your space is your child's Enrollment Form and a $450 deposit upon
submission. You'll notice a dedicated space on your Enrollment Form where you can pick your camper's days, but
you can leave that part of the Form blank for now. When you know the days you want your child to attend camp,
you can simply
email them over to us (the days you pick are subject to space-availability).

Do we have to pay for camp in full at the time we register?

If you are signing up for camp before May 1, a $450 deposit per child with your completed Registration Form is the
only thing required to hold space. If you are signing up after May 1, full payment is required with your child's
Registration Form.

Name Your Own Price for Summer Camp

Here's a unique opportunity which may help you save money. Last summer we introduced the first "Name Your
Own Price
" for summer camp program. It was so well-received among families, we're offering it again this year.
The Name Your Own Price feature is available for families who are interested in purchasing a
Season Pass. Click
here for more information on this popular new way to save money at camp this summer.
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