Summer Camp Open House, Zuma Beach, Malibu

Bummer! All of our formal Open House Events are done for the year. But
wait, good news! There's several other easy ways to see our facility, meet
our staff, and learn how Aloha Beach Camp operates each day all summer!
Attending an Open House is one of the best ways to get an "up
close and personal" view of everything you need to know about
Aloha Beach Camp this summer, but our last Open House took
place Sunday, May 5 at Zuma Beach.

Not to worrry!

Even if you couldn't make it, there's still three easy ways to
meet our counselors and staff and learn about camp in person
before the first day of camp this summer.
Campers and counselor on Zuma Beach giving

Three Convenient Alternatives to our Traditional
Open House Events

Option1: Host Your Own "In-Home" Aloha Beach Camp
Open House

You can host an Aloha Beach Camp Open House at YOUR house! (Think of this like the Mary Kay or Tupperware
party plan concept and you're on the right track.) Invite your family, friends and coworkers for lots of fun, games,
and a great new way to learn about camp and meet us in person. We'll come to your location to explain the camp
program and answer all your questions. Even better, you'll have the chance to win free gifts and prizes - including
FREE camp! - for your time as the host. We'll even bring refreshments for your crew! The whole event takes less
than an hour, but dates book up fast so let us know if you're interested and we'll gladly to set up a date and time
with you!

Option Two: Free Private Beach Tours for You and Your Friends

We can arrange private beach tours for you and your friends whenever you want. Please let us know if you're
interested, and we'll meet you at Zuma Beach, at Lifeguard Tower 7, where camp takes place, any time it's
convenient for you.

Regarding parking at the beach, you have a few options. First, you can enter the main Zuma Beach parking lot,
pay the entry fee -- last we checked the price was $8 -- then proceed through the lot until you get to Lifeguard
Tower 7. In this case you can park just steps from the sand.
The other option is to park on PCH for free, but only on the
ocean side, and only where it's SAFE and legal to do so.
(Please pay attention to all posted parking signs because
the Sheriff station's right there and they ticket!) After you
park, walk down and through the lot to meet us. It's only a
quick 1 or 2 minute walk from PCH to the beach!

Option 3: Observe our Program While Camp's in Session

If your child doesn't start camp till later in the summer, feel
free to visit us at camp on an earlier date when our
program's in session. This way you'll get a first-hand view of
the real thing in action! (We open for the season Monday,
June 17.)
10 year old boy paddling on a blue surfboard in the waves at Zuma Beach

How to Arrange any of the Options Above

Please contact us to arrange any of the options above, as they are terrific alternatives to the more traditional
Open House events we run every spring. So don't worry one bit if you missed our May 5 summer camp open house
at Zuma Beach -- there's still plenty of ways to meet us and learn about camp this summer!
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Families, kids and parents gather around Aloha Beach Camp's colorful Open House display complete with flyers, brochures, surfboards, signs, wetsuits, tables, t-shirts and more as they learn about Aloha's summer camp activity program for 2019.
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