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As L.A.'s only officially recognized accredited beach camp, you can rest easy knowing Aloha sets the standard for protecting your child's safety and ensuring their fun with a 100% quality guarantee.

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As L.A.'s only officially recognized accredited beach camp, you can rest easy knowing Aloha sets the standard for protecting your child's safety and ensuring their fun with a 100% quality guarantee.

Summer 2019

Aloha Friends,

My name is Eric Naftulin and I am the owner and director of
Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp and an Ambassador
for the
American Camp Association where I interpret the value of the camp experience for the public and
community based groups.
Summer's almost here, so I wanted to spend a moment talking about
camp accreditation today and the importance of choosing an accredited
camp so you can feel more confident you're picking a safe, quality camp

Accredited camps set the benchmark for excellence in the summer camp
field, and Aloha Beach Camp's the only accredited camp of its kind in
the L.A. area. So if you're considering a beach camp experience for your
child this summer and safety and quality are important to you, we hope
you'll consider our program.
Aloha Beach Camp Executive Camp Director Eric D. Naftulin
Aloha Beach Camp Director
Eric Naftulin

What's an Accredited Summer Camp?

Accredited camps set the standard for quality, safety, and fun compared
to other camps. By choosing an accredited camp, you get peace of mind
knowing you've picked a program that meets or exceeds up to 300
health, safety, quality, and other industry-accepted and government-
recognized best-practice guidelines identified by the American Camp Association as key components to running a
safe, trusted, above-board camp operation.
When you choose an American Camp Association accredited camp, you can be confident knowing you're picking a
camp with recognized level of authority achieved by only a select number of camps in the world. For example, in
the United States alone, there's over 12,000 summer camps for kids and teens but only 2,400 have earned

How Do Camps Become Accredited?

To achieve and maintain accreditation, Aloha Beach Camp voluntarily submits to regular live, ongoing, 3rd party
audits and inspections by American Camp Association officials to prove our compliance with over 300 standards it
considers paramount to safe, quality camp programming and operation. The audits take place during the camp
season in our office and in the field where they observe our program in action.
Some of the standards we are required to comply with involve:

•Health and safety of campers and staff
•Program and activity quality and execution
•Counselor and staff hiring and training practices
•Camper-to-staff supervision ratios
•Transportation safety
•Anti-bullying policies and procedures
•Emergency management procedures
•Group dynamics and conflict resolution techniques
•Current industry research and youth development trends
•100's of additional standards of key aspects of camp operation
Campers and staff playing together on the beach at Aloha Beach Camp, the only American Camp Assocation accredited beach camp in the Los Angeles area.
Choosing a summer camp which has earned accreditation from
the American Camp Association is a parent's best guarantee
they've chosen a camp that meets the highest standards of
safety and quality in the summer camp industry.

What's the Risk of Choosing an Unaccredited Camp?

If the camp you're considering isn't accredited, the primary issue
becomes whether it's adhering to certain safety, quality, and
industry-accepted best practice guidelines. With no 3rd party
"watchdog" ensuring its compliance, you just never know.

That's why we always advise viewing unaccredited programs
with a degree of caution until you've have a chance to evaluate
their programs, staff, and reputation and you're satisfied with
the results.
But even if you doubts as to their legitimacy and credibility, it's
important to note
unaccredited camps aren't necessarily "bad"
camps and may not have lower quality standards just because
they're unaccredited.
The process of becoming an accredited camp can be long, stressful, time-consuming, and extremely difficult for
camps to achieve, so there may be any number of reasons why a given program is not accredited.

Maybe the camp director doesn't care enough to put in the time to go through the process. Maybe
they don't even
know camp accreditation exists. Maybe they recently went through their accreditation audit and waiting for results.

If you have any doubt, we highly urge all parents to verify the accreditation status of any camp via the American
Camp Association's
find a camp tool or by calling them at 1-800-428-CAMP. They'll tell you instantly whether the
camp you're considering is accredited, then you can make an informed decision whether the program's right for you.
Camp counselor Travis Cassidy giving two teenage girls a jet ski ride at Castaic Lake. Aloha Beach Camp visits Castic each Wednesday every summer for fun jet skiing, innertubing, boating and wakeboarding activities.
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