Best Los Angeles Summer Camps

Finding the best L.A. summer camps usually depends on personal preference. But there's also some specific criteria you can use to help you find the best camps.

When you own a camp you get lots of questions. Most of the folks I talk to have an
interest in our
summer camp and want more information. Since Aloha Beach Camp is
based in L.A., many parents also ask my opinion on which local camps are the best.

Well, I'll tell you what, that's NOT an easy question to answer.  The reason why is
because choosing a summer camp, in Los Angeles or elsewhere, is a completely
subjective process.  Saying "this camp is better than that one" is based entirely on
people's opinions. It's sort of like saying "Restaurant A" is better than "Restaurant
B." But that kind of argument usually doesn't work since the "best" restaurant, in my
view, is likely different than yours.
Look at it this way. Some people like steak, while others like chicken, while others don't like meat or chicken at
all. We all have different opinions and feelings about what makes something "good," "bad" or "the best." Generally
the things that interest or appeal to us the most are what we consider to be the best.

In the Los Angeles area, there's a wide variety of programs because so many kids have so many different
interests. For the purposes of this article let's say you're looking for a summer camp and your child loves
skateboarding. You might go online to research some skateboarding camps. After you find two or three that appeal
to you, you dig a little deeper to compare them so you can find your idea of the best one. Perhaps your idea of the
"best" camp is one that's close to your home, or offers transportation, or is extremely affordable, or has a nice
website. There's many different criteria you might use to decide which camp is the "best." In fact the best camp
may simply be the one that "feels right" to you.  

But it's important to remember somebody else's child may absolutely hate skateboarding. A skateboarding summer
camp would be out of the question for them. So they're using a whole different set of criteria that's important to
them when it comes to identifying their "best camp."

The Top Two Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Summer Camp

Even though the criteria people use to find the best summer camp can vary from person to person, in my opinion
there's two crucial points everyone should include on their list no matter what. The two things I would always
make sure of when choosing a camp for your kids are:

1. Is the camp accredited by the
American Camp Association?
2. Does my child actually LIKE the activities the camp offers?
To the first point, I'm a big proponent of sending kids to accredited summer camps. Picking a non-accredited camp
isn't necessarily bad or wrong. In fact there are many good non-accredited summer camps. But when you choose
an accredited camp, you are guaranteed the camp meets certain safety (and other) standards non-accredited
camps aren't held to. If the camp you're choosing is not accredited, you should ask the camp directory why.

Regarding point #2, I can't stress enough the importance of sending your child to a camp with activities they
enjoy In my experience, too many parents send their kids to summer camps without including them in the
decision-making process or considering their likes and interests. Consider the skateboarding camp example. What
would happen if your child doesn't like skateboarding but you sent them to a skateboarding camp anyway? You're
setting them up for a camp experience they won't like at all. Unfortunately we see this kind of thing happen each
summer at summer camps everywhere. That's too bad, because it's an easily avoidable mistake.  By simply
considering your child's likes and dislikes, and signing up for camp accordingly, you'll be setting them up for the
best camp experience possible in Los Angeles or anywhere else.
By Eric Naftulin, Executive Director, Aloha Beach Camp
Copyright 2019
All rights reserved
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Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp Director Eric Naftulin
Aloha Beach Camp Director
Eric Naftulin