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*Kahuna & High Action Camps Combined Availability (Ages 8 and Up)*
*Keiki Camp (Ages 4 to 7) Availability*
Campers jumping and having fun particpating in a potato sack race on the beach.
The following chart is for the Kahuna Camp (ages 8 to 11) and High Action Camp (ages 12 and up) combined
. This is why it's very important you sign up sooner rather than later to hopefully avoid the waiting list.

As of this posting, we still have limited space available in every day all summer. However, even if the days
you're considering show availability in the charts above, such availability is NOT guaranteed because these
numbers often fluctuate, literally by the minute, as new families register for camp and others make changes
to existing schedules. Unfortunately we cannot predict when Aloha Beach Camp will sell out, and the above
information is only a snapshot of what's available when we update these charts every night. There is still
time for you to sign up for camp this summer, but if you wait any longer you might not get your first choice.  
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**As of today, we still have space in all age groups and camp programs for summer 2019. The following space availability chart will be updated from time-to-time as necessary as summer 2019 draws near.**

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