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Clickable image of two, 12 year old girls standing side-by-side in colorful bathing suits and smiling, giving the hang loose sign, with the ocean and other kids swimming in the background at Aloha Beach Camp's summer day camp program. Upon clicking or tapping on the image, you will be taken to Aloha Beach Camp's YouTube channel and specifially the camp's 2018 summer fun promotional video.

Learn to surf, boogie board, swim in the ocean and more at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp in Los Angeles. Aloha Beach Camp is L.A.'s most comprehensive aquatic sports day camp for kids and teens with over 200 safe and fun beach activities like surfing, boogie boarding, boating, tubing, jet skiing, wake boarding, ocean swimming lessons, beach ecology and more plus FREE transportation included from your area.

Three Age-Appropriate Summer Programs at L.A.'s Best Beaches, Lakes and Water Parks

Keiki Camp
(Ages 4 to 7)

Discover L.A.'s first summer beach
day camp just for younger kids! Our
Keiki Camp program takes place at
Paradise Cove, Malibu, where
campers learn to surf, have daily
ocean safety and swimming
lessons, and participate in
hundreds of Hawaiian-themed
beach activities. Ideal for 1st-time
Young female camper wearing yellow swimming goggles standing on the beach, staring up at the camera and smiling.

Kahuna Camp
(Ages 8 to 11)

Introducing Kahuna Camp, L.A.'s #1
beach and surf summer camp for kids
and tweens ages 8 to 11.
Surfing,boogie boarding, tubing, jet
skiing and more await you here at
Lake, Hurricane Harbor, Santa
Monica Beach and more. No prior
beach or ocean experience necessary!
Camp counselor Shane McEvoy driving a jet ski at Castaic Lake with a boy and girl on the back enjoying the ride. All of them are wearing lifejackets. The boy is giving the

High Action Camp
(Ages 12 to 14)

Boy in orange and purple rash guard laughing while boogie boarding with waves splashing over him in the ocean at camp.

FREE Transportation at a Meeting Point Near You

The the #1 solution for kids
teens and older campers who
love the beach and outgrown
the typical day camp scene.
We've taken camp as you
know it to the next
dimension with high action
activities like surfing, boogie
boarding, jet skiing activities
and more at Zuma Beach,
Santa Monica Beach, Castaic
Lake and many more of L.A.'s
best aquatic venues.
Aloha Beach Camp takes place at the best local beaches, lakes and water
parks Zuma Beach, Paradise Cove Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Castaic Lake,
Hurricane Harbor and more. But you don't need to drive your child to camp
yourself because
FREE transportation is included with your child's enrollment
when you sign up for Aloha Beach Camp. We've got over 20 convenient
meeting points throughout L.A., so you'll never need to drive too far from
your home or office to meet the bus. Our counselors ride the buses with the
on your child's registration form at the time you
sign up for camp.
Aloha Beach Camp summer camp bus clipart with kids inside the bus on their way to camp.

Flexible Day-by-Day, "Al a Carte" Enrollment ...
Sign up for Camp Day-by-Day with NO SESSIONS!

If you're sick and tired of planning your summers
around rigid camp sessions and rather send your
kids to camp whenever you want instead, then
you're gonna LOVE Aloha Beach Camp's
day-by-day enrollment format.
With day-by-day enrollment, you can sign-up for
camp on a customized schedule you create by
yourself and send your kids to camp on an
as-wanted or needed basis whenever you want.
Pick a day here, a day there, and mix and match
attendance dates to your heart's content.
Even better, there's no minimum enrollment commitment -- pick just one day of camp or as many as you like --
and you can even change your schedule if something comes up. It's completely self-directed summer camp
enrollment, entirely on your own terms, and it's only available at Aloha Beach Camp.
Large group of campers (at least 25 boys and girls) bunched together and waving, throwing their hands up in the air, and holding up boogie boards over their heads as they pose for a group photo on the beach. Campers can attend camp day-by-day according to any schedule they want without conforming to advance session schedules at Aloha Beach Camp.

Summer Camp Open House at Zuma Beach, Malibu, Lifeguard Tower 7, on Sunday, March 24

Want a "sneak peak" into how Aloha Beach Camp runs during the summer? Join us Sunday, March 24 at Lifeguard
Tower 7 on Zuma Beach in Malibu for our first summer camp
Open House of the year. Meet our staff, enjoy the
beach, win free prizes (including free camp!) and find out everything you need to know about camp this summer.
There's just one more thing you need to know about the
Open House. Even though it's free, we're expecting a big
crowd. That means tickets are required. Don't worry, though,
the tickets are FREE! Get your free Open House Tickets here.

We hope to see you March 24, but what if you can't make it?
There's a bunch of alternative ways to meet us including
hosting your on "In-home" Open House for your family and
friends, meeting us for a free private beach tour, and more.

Click the "Summer Camp Open House" button below to learn
more about all these fun, easy and FREE alternatives to our
traditional summer camp Open House events.

We're looking forward to meeting you and sharing the
reasons why so many L.A. kids, parents and families say
Aloha Beach Camp is the best!
L.A.'s only American Camp Association Accredited summer beach camp banner.

How Much Does Aloha Beach Camp Cost?

Get Pricing and Discount Information Here

The current daily rate is $118 per day. And there's lots of ways to save money at Aloha Beach Camp this summer,
too! We offer an Early Bird discount (expiring Friday, March 1), new customer specials, sibling discounts, group
rates, a Customer Rewards and Loyalty program where you can earn FREE days of camp and more. Check out our
Prices and Discounts page for details.
Early bird discount logo. Families can get special prices and save money this summer when signing up their kids for camp by the March 1, 2019 Early Bird discount deadline.
Two female campers, each 11 years old, with loads of sunscreen all over their bodies and sticking their tongues out while promotiing Aloha Beach Camp's 100% money-back
TRY IT RISK-FREE for 2-Days!
2-Day, Risk-Free Trial • 100% Money-Back GuaranteePrices and Discounts

Welcome to Our Family! Meet the Camp Owners and Staff

Aloha Beach Camp is, and has been, family owned and operated by Eric and Teri Naftulin, husband and wife, since
1999. Eric works on-site with the kids each day, and Teri runs the camp office. Together with our staff, we are
dedicated to providing a very personal, memorable and unique camp experience for every child.
We are the camp
and the camp is us!
We so appreciate your trust in us, and welcome you to our Aloha Beach Camp Family! :)


Aloha Beach Camp Owner and
Executive Director
Eric. D. Naftulin

Counselors and Staff

Aloha Beach Camp "sets the bar
high" when hiring staff, and we
know you will, too. Our
camp counselors are
looking forward to sharing the
most meaningful camp experience
ever for your child's ever had, and
one they'll want to return to year
after year.

Camp Counselor Jobs

We're L.A.'s Only Accredited Beach Camp

Did you know Aloha Beach Camp's the ONLY accredited summer beach day camp in the L.A. area? It's true, we're
the only local program of this type to voluntarily submit to routine, in-season audits and inspections by American
Camp Association (ACA) officials to demonstrate our compliance with over 300 best-practice industry standards
relating to key aspects of camp operation including:
  • Camper-to-staff ratios and supervision
  • Staff hiring and training practices
  • Program and activity planning and execution
  • Business administration
  • Transportation
  • Emergency management
  • Much more
Aloha Beach Camp is not required to undergo the stringent ACA accreditation process. To the contrary, it's
completely voluntary and, quite frankly, most camps have not earned accreditation status. But our camp directors
made the decision long ago to become accredited and held to account by an independent 3rd party so you, as a
concerned parent, could have the peace of mind knowing Aloha
sets the standard for safety, quality, and running
an above-board program. If your child isn't attending an American Camp Association accredited camp this summer,
you should certainly ask the camp director why his or her program is not accredited, and you might think twice
before choosing one that's not.
Your child's safety could depend on it.
Aloha Beach Camp's American Camp Assocation (ACA) Accredited Camp Logo

Hawaii Overnight Summer Camp Retreat

New Program for Kids and Teens Ages 8-16

Many families know us for our day camp program, but did
you know we also offer a 1-week
overnight camp experience
in Hawaii? For kids and teens looking for a safe and fun
sleepaway program with all the fun you can handle, this is
the program for you! Many campers from all over the world
have already signed up, and we're gonna have a blast this
summer, so don't miss out!

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Four campers, three girls and one boy, standing on the wet sand in the ocean while giving the hang loose sign
Aloha Beach Camp Owner and Executive Director Eric D. Naftulin
Aloha Beach Camp counselor and camper proudly smiling and holding two live starfish they found at the Paradise Cove beach tidepools.
Two campers enjoying a jet ski ride at Castaic Lake. The jet ski is being driven by camp counselor Shane McEvoy while the kids sit on the same seat behind him.
Aloha Beach Camp's Summer 2019 20th Anniversary Logo
Aloha Beach Camp kids and counselor on standing on Zuma Beach promoting the camp's Sunday, March 24 Open House.
Hawaii overnight camp facility and summer program date information.
If you're a mature and responsible
college student who loves the
beach, making money and working
with kids, this could be a great job
for you. But take note, we don't
hire just anyone, and this is NOT
the "cakewalk" job it might appear
to be. It's challenging, demanding
and takes a special kind of person
to make this commitment and
achieve the high-level job
performance we're looking for.
Think you've got what it takes?
Find out more about available
positions and
apply for a job today.