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High Action Summer Camp for Kids and Teens

Aloha High Action Beach Camp

Aloha Beach Camp's High Action Beach and Surf Camp is the #1 solution
for kids and teens in Los Angeles ages 12 and over who love the beach
and who've outgrown the typical day camp scene.

You've never experienced camp like this before. We've taken camp as you
know it to the next dimension combining extreme beach activities like
up for camp whenever you want with no preset sessions to conform to.

Discover Aloha Beach Camp's High Action Camp and get:

  • Day trips to L.A. and Ventura's best beaches, lakes and water parks
  • More than 100 exciting aquatic activities like surfing, jet skiing, tubing
    and boogie boarding
  • Daily sun and ocean safety clinics
  • Safe, reliable and FREE daily transportation
  • Camper-to-staff ratios of 8:1 or less
  • So much more!

Do Whatever You Want at Camp...It's Completely up to You!

Here's a look at a sample daily activity schedule for summer camp 2018. The entire schedule won't be finalized till
January, but we're showing this to you now so you can get a good idea of all the fun things you'll do at camp this
Zuma Beach

Boogie Boarding
Beach Volleyball
Capture the Flag
Kite Making & Flying
Hurricane Popcorn
Hurricane Harbor
Water Park
Castaic Lake

Motor Boating
Jet Skiing
Inner Tubing
BBQ Cookout
Oxnard Beach State Park

BBQ Cookout
Ocean Swimming
Boogie Boarding
Paint the Counselors
Dolphin Pinatas
Sunscreen Soda
Zuma Beach

Boogie Boarding
Candy Lei Making
Cosmic Water Slide
Beach Hike
Taco Truck
But what if don't want to do a planned camp activity? No
problem! You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

You can just hang out on the beach and make lanyards with
your friends, or swim in the ocean, or do anything else you
want all day, it's totally up to you :)  

The most important thing is that you enjoy Aloha Beach Camp
at your own pace. So if you want to
learn to surf, you can. Or if
you'd rather wait a while before trying surfing, no problem.
This "do whatever you want" philosophy applies to all our
activities, so whatever you do (or don't) is completely your call.
But you should definitely give our program a try in any case
because it's a blast and we know you'll love it!
choose to do, there will always be tons of other kids your age. Our High Action beach camp program is one of
L.A.'s best summer day camps for teens
and older kids alike!

No Prior Beach or Ocean Experience Required

Now there's just one more thing you should know. We understand many kids haven't done these kinds of activities
before. If that's you, don't let it stop you from trying Aloha Beach Camp this summer!

counselors are really cool, and they'll be with you every step of the way to teach you everything you need to
know to be safe and have fun every day :)

Free Transportation Included

Now here's a common question you might be asking yourself: "Do I need
to drive my child to the beach every day myself?"

Guess what? The answer is a resounding "NO!" That's because Aloha Beach
Camp provides free
transportation for all our campers throughout the L.A.
area and all Valley communities. In fact we've got over 20 convenient bus
stops, so there's bound to be a meeting point near you. In fact,
sometimes kids live so close to our bus stops, they can actually WALK
from home to meet the bus.

Why choose a camp where you need to interrupt your busy morning and
afternoons just to drive your child all the way to the beach? Relax and
leave the driving to us!

Don't Forget to Meet us Sunday, March 18 at our Zuma Beach Open House!

How to Sign Up for Camp Today

We've got one more Open House left this year on Sunday, March 18 in
Malibu. We we hope your family joins us. Our
counselors and staff will
be there and they're looking forward to meeting you! We'll play games,
give away prizes and share info about our program. You'll also meet
many currently enrolled and prospective High Action campers, too! The
Open House is absolutely free and takes place right on the sand at
Zuma Beach, Lifeguard Tower 6. Aloha Beach Camp's getting full, so
now's the time to mark your calendar for tons of fun on March 18!
We're excited to see you at Aloha Beach Camp's High Action Camp this
summer. If you have any questions about enrollment, visit the

If you're ready to sign up for camp, here's a link to the Registration Form.
But don't delay!

Camp fills up quickly, and if you register by tonight
you can save an extra $25 with
today's free coupon.

The coupon expires tonight at midnight, so
sign up

Thanks for your interest in Aloha Beach Camp's High
Action Camp. We'll see you on the beach!
Teenage boy and girl riding in a wakeboarding boat being driven by Aloha Beach Camp counselor Brian Cox at Castaic Lake. Campers visit Castaic Lake every Wednesday during the summer for boating and related aquatic activities at Aloha's High Action summer program for kids and teens.
Clickable High Action program activity schedule button.
Four teenage boys boogie boarding and laughing in the waves at Aloha Beach Camp on Zuma Beach.
(818) 932-4600
Boogie boarding is one of the most popular High Action
activities at Aloha Beach Camp. You can boogie board
all day long if you want, or else you can just hang out
on the beach or do anything else you'd want do. The
choice is yours! :)
Two teenage boys and their camp counselor Kris Bunya holding hands and jumping together off the back of a boat into the water at Aloha Beach Camp's Castaic Lake activity program.
Cartoon graphic of Aloha Beach Camp's summer camp bus filled with lots of kids, teens and older campers with the bus driver and counselor on their way to beach camp in the morning.
Teenage girl surfing on a blue surfboard as camp counselor Aurora Eagles holds surfboard for guidance, instruction and support in the background.
When you sign up for Aloha Beach Camp's High Action
summer program, you don't need to worry if you'll be too
old! There's lots and LOTS of other kids your age -- in fact
that's the whole appeal of our program compared to other
camps! When you register for camp, you can be sure you'll
meet many other 12, 13, 14 and 15 year olds guaranteed!
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Three teenage kids, one boy and two girls, give the

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